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A Leader In Innovation

California innovation

California is a global leader in innovation. One of the reasons for this fact is that California embraces creativity and education. California had over 2.6 million students enrolled in its 110 colleges and universities in 2006 while churning out 266,000 college graduates every year.

California also easily leads the United States in R&D and venture capital investment. In 2007, California companies received more than $3.2 billion or 46% of all venture capital dollars invested in the U.S. The top sectors receiving venture capital are software, biotechnology, energy, alternative energy, medical devices, and telecommunications. People also positively invest in research and development noting that R&D expenditures at universities and colleges totaled $6.49 billion in 2006. Individuals see California as a place where real innovation can take place, and their investments in innovation back up this claim.

California is the leading state for technology, and is home to Silicon Valley, the birthplace of many global technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, eBay, Intel, and Google. Other notable companies based in Silicon Valley include Facebook, You-tube, McAfee, Tesla Motors, and TiVo. These companies and many others have a significant impact on the California economy employing nearly 1 million high tech workers. In 2006, computers and electronic products totaled over $52 billion and accounted for 41% of California’s total exports. Californians embrace technological innovations and California’s status as the leading state for technology emphasizes this point.

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