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Most Desirable Place to Live

#1 most desirable place to live, in the Harris Poll

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Californians lead an enviable lifestyle. A survey conducted by Harris Poll discovered that California was found to be the #1 most desirable place to live. The warm, sunny Mediterranean climate is just one of the factors that contribute to outsiders’ envy. The weather remains moderately warm throughout the year depending on the area. Californians have the luxury of traveling to the mountains to enjoy snow skiing then can travel back to the coast and enjoy sunshine. It is probably the vast amount of sunshine that contributed to California being the home of 1,000 golf courses.

Also, California has more theme and amusement parks than any other state in the United States. California is a beautiful state possessing some of the most visited national parks including Yosemite national park. California’s natural and scenic beauty can be seen and experienced in 31 national parks, 280 state parks, and over 1,100 miles of picturesque coastline. These are just a few of the reasons why California is home to the most towns on CNN Money Magazine’s 2007 list of Best Places to Live and has been named most desirable place to live by the Harris Poll.

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